imageI will like to acknowledge the laudable efforts of the Greek-Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and Technology (GNCCT), Athens, an independent, dynamic and non-government private sector organization that has taken up the responsibility to coordinate the activities of companies with business interests in Nigeria and Greece.

Our two countries are committed to revamping economic environments to bring immense benefits to the generality of our peoples. The private sector, which has been recognized as the engine of growth is central to this effort.

Nigeria boast of tremendous potentials in all sectors of its economy  which have largely remain untapped over the years. However, the Transformation Agenda of the Nigerian Government has introduced a new focus on these potentials, while introducing new strategies and incentives to optimally harness them through total support for private sector operations and Public Private Partnerships.  Our friends and partners overseas are fully welcomed to partake in this process.

The operational environment today has numerous incentives put in place by Nigeria to attract both local and foreign participation in the economy.

There is therefore, no time better than now to take full advantage of these opportunities. It is my fervent hope that your support in these efforts will in no measure, help raise the level of economic development and prosperity of our peoples to greater heights.

Mr. Ayodeji Lawrence Ayodele
Athens, Greece